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We Also Have Included the Professional Locals.Reviews Feedback and Reviews Program into Our CMS!

There is only one place where you can control the reviews process, and that is on your own website.

Locals.Reviews will help you get the reviews that you deserve.

  • Note: it will not help you get great reviews if you don't deserve them!

Locals.Reviews utilizes an easy and powerful two-step process, putting you in control and empowering you to mediate between the two steps.

  1. Feedback
  2. Review

Step 1: Feedback

You become proactive in requesting feedback from your website as well as when you visit your guests at their table.  Make sure your management asks your guests to take the time to provide feedback about their experience at your website.


This is so very important for you as a restaurant owner or manager, because it will give you the data (information) that you need to know if you are doing well and what you need to improve.

It can help you identify a problem employee as well.  These persons that are working for your guests can destroy your business.  Even if your food is fresh and top-notch, a bad employee will hurt you.


When a guest submits feedback, you'll receive an alert (via email or text message or both - you choose), or you can turn alerts off as well.  The alerts give you a link to login and respond to the feedback.

You read the feedback and respond accordingly.

About your NPS (Net Promoter Score)

When your guests provide feedback, they give you a rating from 0 to 10, which is converted to a five star program when you decide to publish the result of the feedback as a review.

  • 0-6 is a Detractor
  • 7-8 is a Passive
  • 9-10 is a Promoter

You are in control of what happens depending upon the score they give you.  Typically, restaurant owners setup their program so anyone that gives them a Promoter score of 9 or a 10 (which will equal a 4.5 or 5.0 star review) automatically gets sent to Step 2: Reviews.

  • If the feedback is a Detractor, it gives then a message that you set or sends to another page that you set.
  • If the feedback is a Passive, it gives then a message that you set or sends to another page that you set, or you can send them to reviews if you want.

Step 2: Reviews

After reading your customer's feedback submission, you may choose to turn it ON or leave it off.

  • If you turn it ON, then the score gets converted to a 5 Star Scale and will automatically show on your website.  (You don't need to publish, just refresh the reviews program on your site and you will see it)

For Example:

  • A score of 7 = 3.5 Stars
  • A score of 8 = 4.0 Stars
  • A score of 9 = 4.5 Stars
  • A score of 10 = 5.0 Stars

Engage the Reviews Platforms that You Choose

You may also send your customers to one or more reviews platforms AFTER they have submitted feedback.

All of the major reviews platforms are available for you to choose.  All you need to do is put your URL (from the chosen reviews platform) into the setup!

Then, AFTER a great feedback submission, your guests are encouraged to also leave a review at any of the platforms they choose.

(There are images for each reviews platform and all they have to do is tap on the image and paste what they've already given you for feedback!)



An Example of the Feedback & Reviews Program is Below

Go ahead and try it out!

  • Tap on the Provide Feedback Now button below!

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