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Meet Our Staff

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If you're looking for amazing Mexican food at a great price, this is the place to go!

They bring you chips and salsa right away and have amazing service throughout the meal.

First time in to this restaurant. I must say I was highly impressed by the wait staff. All of the wait staff were friendly and very attentive.

Each one asked if I was doing okay throughout my entire meal and eager to get me anything I needed.

The food was good, all hot, and extremely satisfying. Will definitely come back!

Online Menu

We serve fresh and delicious traditional Mexican cuisine.  (Add a line or two or three about the dishes you serve ...)

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Cantina & Drinks

Join us for some of your favorite types of drinks at our cantina!

We serve:

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Thursday - 11:00AM - 9:00PM
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Saturday - 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Sunday - 11:00AM - 9:00PM
Monday - 11:00AM - 9:00PM
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